The 'sol' campaign is promoting a solitude that is not related to the physical distance between people but rather a journey within oneself. Solitude can be the best companion. Build a relationship with yourself.

Visual Identity
The engagement idea consists of two parts: a self-reflection notebook and a collaboration with MUJI.

The self-reflection notebook is meant to focus on practices of being honest and building a relationship with oneself.

sol essential is the product of collaboration with MUJI. The sol essential pack includes products from MUJI: a pen, a cup, an aroma diffuser, and a sitting cushion. The products and the notebook are kept in a bag with a Furoshiki wrapping cloth.

Inner Pages of the Self-reflection Notebook:
A notebook contains 12 sol practices for users to get a better understanding and build a closer relationship with themselves. There are pages for normal note taking and specific self-reflection practices. Pages for sol practices are designed corresponding to specific exercises.