Whispers of Prosper and Tide


“Whispers of Prosper and Tide” is a site-specific piece born from the depths of Venice's enchanting streets. Crafted from a collection of receipts, gathered over weeks, this piece delves into the profound relationship between the city and its ever-present companion: water.
Imagine the whispers of water,
if it could speak,
What tales would it share to those who seek?

Folded receipts, like secrets,
tell of unseen toil,
An homage to labor, a hidden tapestry to uncoil.

Accordion folds, reminiscent of water's grace,
Unveil patterns that in Venice find their place.

Wealth flows like rivers,
connecting lives anew,
Yet water's invasive touch can alter the city's view.
Inspirational Images
Color Study of Venice in Section
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