Stray Birds

Artist’s Book

This artist's book chronicles my urban journey, capturing resilient plants thriving amidst concrete cracks. I merge mental maps and wayfinding, revealing how individuals connect with their environment. Contrasting traditional topography, my approach centers on plants, not coordinates. Blue sunprints symbolize their reliance on sunlight and water.

As seasons shift, the landscape transforms, with dandelions and chickweed emerging. This evolution mirrors nature's response to climate, encapsulating the passage of time. The herbarium showcases the tenacity of life alongside human structures, where nature persists.

Utilizing sunprints, the artwork takes form as an accordion-style artist's book, chronologically unfolding plant specimens. Translucent paper overlays bearing botanical information create an ethereal layer. Intertwined with this documentation are verses from Tagore's “Stray Birds,” amplifying the narrative of unnoticed life within the urban environment. The artwork captures the intriguing interrelationship between human engagement and resilient urban wild plants.