Exhibition Design

Second Chances: Interior Architecture Graduate Biennail (RISD)
March 15-March 30, 2024

Second Chances means having some hope in what appears to be disposable. Second Chances means believing in the future, embracing change, and trusting the unknown. It means there is no waste, only memories, from which we learn and create something new. Second Chances imply that there was a first version that shapes the present and that the new doesn’t always come from nothing but sometimes carries the weight of the past. Second Chances gives new voices to stories from the past and to forgotten individuals. It entails seeing potential in what most people consider “leftovers” and creating opportunities on the void. It means understanding waste in a different way, instead of being a byproduct, it becomes the future. In other words, it requires getting used to uncertainty as we are reshaping a constantly changing world.

This biennial presents the students’ definition of Second Chances for the spaces. Therefore, this space is a collage of installations inspired on students’ main ideas and approaches when developing their projects, giving them once again a Second Chance to be something new and host fragments of students' work. The design of each of these structures in this biennial is derived from understanding the interior architects’ tendency to move toward certain directions when developing their concepts and projects and identifying the main transformations.

Credits: Armita EghbaliRoshtkhari, Bensu Girgin, Eunji Park, Farnaz Dastranj,  Jiamin Yang,
Rachel Strompf, Vivian Combariza Mejia

Entry Installation and Introduction Panel