Retail Design

A retail design project for transforming an abandoned storage factory located in Boston into a showroom for Blackman Cruz’s antique furniture.

The envisioned showroom for Blackman Cruz explores the unconventional strangeness and celebrates the narrative of craftsmanship. Drawing from the eclectic essence of their collections, the original building's disparate columns are reimagined into a captivating checkerboard pattern. This spatial reinterpretation emphasizes the contrast between refined “black” finishes and the deteriorating authenticity of the original “white” walls, echoing the essence of the checkerboard motif.

The columns, reminiscent of furniture ornamental turning elements and claw feet, strangely but elegantly support beams while the rooftop transforms into a verdant garden oasis. This versatile space serves not only as a showroom but also as a destination for wine tasting, harmonizing with the craftsmanship and cultural narratives embedded in antique furniture and fine wine. Inspired by the whimsy of “Alice in Wonderland,” the curated space blends contrasts, humor, craftsmanship, and nature. The goal is to offer visitors a “checkmate” experience, immersing them in a journey where design, history, and hospitality converge in a space that defies norms and beckons exploration

Site Plan—Roofgarden
Reflective Ceiling Plan

Physical Model 

Section Drawing
Original Host Building
Original Floorplan
Parti Diagrams