Bird without Legs

“I've heard that there's a kind of bird without legs that can only fly and fly, and sleep in the wind when it is tired. The bird only lands once in its life... that's when it dies.”
“I used to think there was a kind of bird that, once born, would keep flying until death. The fact is that the bird hasn't gone anywhere. It was dead from the beginning.” (Days of Being Wild, 1990)

A project consists of 200 pictures through airplane windows in the past five years. By staging the book in a black booth, imitating the reading light on the plane, this project is meant to convey the feeling of being nowhere on a long-distance flight accompanied by loneliness.

Woven rugs inspired by the views from airplane windows, featuring a combination of tapestry, piling, rep weave, and plain weave techniques. The rugs are meant to create a three-dimensional representation of the sky, clouds, landscape, along with the passage of time.